The Organic Wine Collection

Who are we?


The Organic Wine Collection is a group of wine passionate growers in Portugal created in 2016 by Guillaume: a French wine lover with strong environmental commitment. These men and women share a common value: respect for living things. All winemakers commit to respect the organic agriculture principles.

Beyond choosing a responsible viticulture, all the winemakers try to achieve the same goal: to limit interventions during vinification respecting the integrity of the grapes and the vintage. The harvest is entirely manual, indeginous grape yeasts are preferred for the fermentation and the use of traditional methods allows to limit, or even prevent the addition of oenoligical products. In true crafts-persons our winemakers use their expertise to develop authentic wines.

The wide range and varied styles of our wines allows us to offer you both gastronomic wines and more accessible ones. It is this richness, diversity and commitment that is the strenght of The Organic Wine Collection: offering authentic wines to all the wine lovers.